With over 25 years’ experience in corporate sales and professional speaking, Jeremy ‘The Voice’ Jacobs, knows how to give businesses a competitive advantage. As one of the UK's go-to conference presenters, Jeremy travels across the country, hosting corporate events, and delivering seminars.

Jeremy's calm and unruffled style, authentic business edge, and ability to motivate, entertain, and educate means he is constantly in demand to deliver his energetic presentations at conferences, present business and award ceremonies, and host hybrid live-streamed events.

The rich tone of his voice, means Jeremy has made waves as a TV and radio presenter, voiceover artist, and corporate host. His commercial knowledge and sales experience gives him the versatility and authority to inspire small business and motivate international enterprises by communicating their key messages with clarity and compassion.

But Jeremy's interests aren't just confined to presenting. After enduring 'death by powerpoint' whilst watching several important speeches, he is passionate about coaching people to become stimulating, motivating and entertaining speakers and leaders themselves. His private coaching and public speaking workshops allow him to share the communication skills, techniques, and strategies that have earned him the reputation as one of the country's most engaging, persuasive, and motivating presenters.


Jeremy’s clients include:

Jeremy is, quite simply, an expert communicator

Nick R Thomas, Speaker & Scriptwriter

 He is professional, warm hearted and skilful. He helps to make events special and exceeds the client's expectations. He manages to make the other contributors and presenters feel at ease and allows them to shine


Geoff Burch

Business Guru & Keynote Speaker


 Jeremy Jacobs is excellent at what he does and is very on the ball. He has charisma and charm about him that people love


Vee Roberts



 Jeremy Jacobs, the most perspicacious MC in the business. Book him!


James Sale

Founder of Motivational Maps


 Jeremy’s got a great broadcast voice. He's approachable, open to ideas and a pleasure to work with


Jonny Gould

MD, Sportsmedia and Businessmedia, TV and radio presenter.


 Jeremy is a media professional who knows how to communicate with clarity and style. I can't think of a better person to be handling a microphone. He is guaranteed to deliver what you need


Alan Stevens

Media Coach


 Jeremy is very comfortable taking the MC or hosting role at events - both on stage and online. He's energetic, vibrant, knowledgeable and has excellent stage presence


Trudy Lloyd

Innovation Specialist