You want an event that runs smoothly and to schedule.

You want your messages delivered with high impact.

You want an audience that feel energised and inspired.

... and you want all of this stress-free

Jeremy knows that a well-delivered event can provide huge benefits to your business. It can inspire your people, share your message, and showcase your brand at its brightest. That’s why he will work with you to plan and run your event, create the right atmosphere, hone key messages, and bring your event to life.


With many years’ experience in sales, as well being a business speaker, Jeremy understands the value of delivering a winning event. His experience working with the BBC, Capital Gold,and Sports Media means he excels at bringing your audience together and letting your message shine.

key services offered:

  Live streaming, webcasts and webinars

  Conference hosting for SMEs, large and multinational organisations

  Workshop facilitation

  Product launches

  Sales kick off meetings

  Facilitating panel discussions

  Interviewing delegates and speakers

  Running Q&A sessions


To find out how Jeremy can help you with your event, call him on 07778 035735 for a FREE consultation