Have you ever seen a presentation that has blown your mind?

Or heard a speech that has moved you to tears?

Or been in a meeting where an idea has come across with such passion you have been inspired to make it a reality?

...all of these scenarios have one thing in common – an engaging, motivating, and a persuasive speaker

Being able to perform well in media interviews, at conferences, meetings and launch events is an essential business skill, but it doesn’t always come naturally. With over 25 years’ experience in public speaking, Jeremy offers a range of solutions for teams and individuals to help you become a more effective, persuasive and inspirational speaker.


To give you the tools so you can have the greatest impact, Jeremy shares his teachings and techniques through a range of popular masterclasses and workshops along with bespoke training sessions designed to suit your goals to ensure you and your team get exactly what you need.

Public Speaking:

Master your nerves. Reach your audience. Deliver your message.

Not everyone likes speaking in public but with the right techniques you can deliver your message with confidence and clarity.In this practical, intensive and enjoyable course you will discover how to:

  Structure and deliver memorable, effective speeches

  Create a more engaging communication style

  Handle difficult questions

  Keep calm

  …and even enjoy the experience!


Take the nerves out of presenting:

Many people live in dread of having to speak in public. This workshop is specifically designed for you if you are feeling the fear but have to do it anyway. Jeremy's approach is understanding, patient, and built on over 30 years of successful public speaking. You will discover how to:

  Make the butterflies in your stomach fly

  Handle challenging situations

  Win over difficult people

  Become an effective storyteller

  Turn things around if things go wrong


How to be the MC:

You may be expected to introduce colleagues, clients and guests at public events, launches and conferences. This oneday course gives you the skills to be able to MC an event with confidence. You will discover how to:

  Introduce speakers and presenters

  Conduct interviews

  Managing style and pace


  Handle questions confidently and effectively


One-to-One coaching:

If you are regularly required to speak in public and deliver results, then it’s crucial you know how to structure and deliver memorable speeches so you can make an impact. Whether you’re a senior executive, a CEO, or you just want to find more confidence speaking in meetings and on the phone, this intensive mentoring will help you harness the power of spoken communication, hone your core messages and build robust and versatile speaking skills.

To find out how Jeremy can help you with your event, call him on 07778 035735 for a FREE consultation