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A seasoned event host is the linchpin for successful events. He plays many roles but it is his skill and experience which make all the difference.

Understanding Your Delegate's Journey

Preparation is key. Jeremy understands how the client and the delegates mesh. He digs deep to find out: “What do you want the key takeaways to be?” (or “what are your key takeaways?).

Rescue Me

You only notice things when they go wrong, so much of the groundwork happens before your audience arrives. If you've been to several events you know that they can be like a train at speed leaving the tracks. That's a crash and a train wreck. An experienced event host can anticipate the weak points and keep the event moving. Events aren't cheap and they need a wise guiding hand.

Before, during and afterwards.

Yes, there's a lot of prep needed and the right delivery on the day. What's missing from so many events is the ‘follow up'. A great presenter must give the client feedback because they can use it to reinforce the key messages just as their delegates are starting to forget what they learnt.

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The Human Factor

You've got a room full of human beings. It's only natural that things change and schedules move. Jeremy's unruffled approach and ability to improvise will keep your conference purring along. There will always be ‘situations' and it's how they dealt with that can make or break an event.

Voices Matter

Unfortunately some sounds and voices grate. Jeremy has a smooth delivery which makes the listener feel he's their friend. He recognises the need to get the questions answered and control the room.


Time is money. A conference needs to run like clockwork. You can't stop the hands on the clock. Your conference has goals and limited time. The delegates are valuable and the schedule can't run late or key parts will get squeezed. Only a superior, engaged host will deliver all the parts in a timely manner.


Every event has a different feel or flavour. Jeremy naturally gets the flow and content. The best hosts are chameleons who can adapt to each event and situation. It takes skill and a lifetime of experience to make it memorable.

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