December 16, 2012


Top 2013 Prophecies

London, UK

So it’s time for my 2013 Prophecies, of course these will not matter if the world ends on December 21st as the Mayan calender suggests…but lets ignore them for the moment.

There’s no mention of weather events in my top 10 prophecies for 2013 but the UK will have a slightly colder than normal January & February, so wrap up well!

OK, here we go:

1. Sir Alex Ferguson will not be manager of Manchester United at the end of 2013. Health problems will force him to step down.

2. Twitter will introduce paid advertising to appear on tweets.

3. Leveson will not be implemented in 2013.

4. There will be relative peace in the Middle East.

5. The Duchess of Cambridge will give birth to a baby girl.

6. The shale gas deposits in Britain will be found to be larger than expected.

7. A cruise ship will hit disaster with much loss of life. Possibly in the Asia-Pacific  region.

8. There will be an unusual Hollywood marriage.

9. The new Archbishop of Canterbury will have a very difficult first year in office.

10. President Obama will undergo surgery.








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