December 5, 2012


Are You Right-Brained?

London, UK

Attended a meeting where the facilitator (my friend @MalcolmLevene) asked whether we were left or right-brained. He got the delegates to clasp their hands together. Those like me who placed their left thumb over their right, like in this photo below are predominately right-brained…

According to “Answers” a right-brained person is…

A right brained person is very creative, and the total opposite of a left brained person. A right would day dream a lot and would see the big picture first instead of the details, but a left would see the tiny details before they get to the big picture. For example, if your professor was giving a lecture you would easily begin to day dream instead of listening, while a left would listen to every detail that is said and would often take notes so as to not forget. Most ,if not all, right brained people are artists, musicians, writers, actors, and anything that has to do with the arts. On the other hand, left brained people are much more logical, and decide to stick to the rules. Most left brainers are judges, accountants, lawyers, and anything that has to do with stone cold facts. Many right brained people are also trustful. Sometimes a little too trustful. This is why some creative ideas created by a right would often be stolen by a left because they can’t think of their own creative ideas, or it’s just too hard for them. Right brained people love to be creative. So if possible try not to have a desk job, or else their creative spirit will be crushed. Some famous people were right brained, like Albert Einstein, and Leonardo DaVinci.

Some “righters” can be too right – so how does one balance things up. Jane Gunn, in her excellent book “How To Beat Bedlam In The Boardroom And Boredom In The Bedroom” suggests that right-brainers can:

Fill In The Details – if you think in big pictures be methodical in filling in the fine details of whatever you’re working on

Tidy Up – find a place for everything and keep it there. Right Brain people tend to be more messy

Read A Map – plan a cross country orienteering expedition plotting map references

Plot Your Family Tree – draw a picture of your family tree with names and dates of birth and death of all your relatives.

Malcolm added that “righters” would do well to read more, both fiction and non-fiction.

Now, where’s my copy of War & Peace?







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