Jeremy Jacobs
Broadcaster - Event Host – Presenter

A witty, entertaining presenter, host and MC, Jeremy Jacobs could be described as a man of many parts. With experience in TV, corporate videos and radio broadcasting, Jeremy is in demand for a variety of corporate events.

Call him now on 020 3303 3172 or 07778 035735

Being An Event Host – Tip No. 56 – Know About Sales

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

Monday, September 15th, 2014


Do You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Being brilliant isn’t easy but it’s simple to do!

Sunday, September 14th, 2014


This Time Next Week…

Do you easily cope with change?

Friday, September 12th, 2014


Do You Phone To Get Business?

One can’t rely on agents and talent bookers for everything!

Monday, September 8th, 2014


Self Promo Video

Short, sweet and to the point.

Monday, September 8th, 2014


Luis Suarez Banned For Four Months

Did he deserve it?

Thursday, June 26th, 2014


Rebekah Brooks Cleared

I still think this will run and run

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


Do You Watch This?

One of the best programmes on the BBC

Monday, June 2nd, 2014


Have UKIP peaked?

What about the millions who didn’t vote?

Monday, May 26th, 2014


Voter Fraud

“Vote early & often” was the theme in Northern Ireland for many years…

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014






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